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Align Networks is a national physical medicine program, focusing on the unique delivery of medically necessary care exclusively in the workers’ compensation industry. We have over 30,000 physical medicine providers in our national network and are growing in all states. If you are a prospective provider group interested in joining our network please contact our Provider Relations department for credentialing and contractual requirements. Below are features that set Align Networks apart as an industry leader in network management and the ways we strive to serve you, our partner-the treating provider.

Align Networks recognizes the importance of prompt scheduling and regular attendance of each patient in order to optimize your treatment efforts. Align Networks scheduling and visit management teams strive to serve you and the patient by ensuring appropriate communication between the patient and your facility, contacting the patient to schedule the initial evaluation and assist in visit compliance and reporting.

Provider Education:
When you join Align Networks, you are given a Provider Education Manual and advised to participate in the Align Networks Online Clinical Management Training. The provider education focuses on the unique aspects of workers’ compensation therapy, particularly on how to incorporate return-to-work focused treatment and goals; on appropriate utilization management strategies; and on discharge planning and discussion with claimants. Our goal at Align Networks is to optimize clinical care and outcomes. We help train your clinical staff on clinical management strategies to help your facility perform better.

Timely and Regular Therapy Documentation:
Securing clinical documentation timely and regularly from our treating providers is a critical component of managing care. This is important because Align Networks provides our clients with regular updates on the clinical status of the patient’s care. As a provider, we expect regular clinical updates on each patient and at Align Networks, our team will help by reminding you of when patient progress reports are due, informing you of updates in authorization status, and making our team of clinical experts available if you should have any questions regarding treatment guidelines, treatment planning or clinical challenges.

Medically Necessary Care:
The Align Networks' program focuses on the delivery of clinically appropriate care, based on individual patient needs, to ensure maximum quality and cost efficiencies during the entire therapy process with us. We seek providers who share the same treatment philosophy.

Best Practice Clinical Guidelines:
Align Networks adopts the industry’s best practice standards and guidelines. We help you to manage your therapy care and outcomes in accordance with these industry best practice guidelines. This empowers you, the treating therapist, to optimize your treatment planning, goals and clinical outcomes. Our Expert Clinical Advisory Panel is always available for questions regarding clinical guidelines, clinical reviews or any clinical concerns.

Clinical Oversight with Expert Panel Peer Reviews:
Align Networks has an Expert Clinical Advisory Panel that is available to you and which performs our clinical reviews. The process of expert peer review has a significant positive impact on clinical outcomes, utilization and care dispute resolution, thereby ensuring your facility achieves optimal outcomes.

Customized Billing:
Align Networks offers a Provider Claim Status portal with real time bill look-up function. That way you can log in and easily view the status of bills. Our team is here to help should you have any additional questions.

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